Now you can use Bootstrap, Nobody will Notice
Style your User Interface Faster than Ever


Style your very own User Interface with Strapfork's easy-to-use Visual Editor. Not good at design? The wizard will guide you step by step through the User Interface design process. Are you a designer? Use the advanced mode to adjust every single detail and generate your CSS.


Personalize everything based on the component templates. Choose your sizing constraints, color palette, typographies and styles. Then adjust by hand every single pixel, brightness, letter spacing, gradient... Finally, you can have a branded UI.


Once you are done, download the stylesheets and use them in your code base. Those stylesheets are based on the most popular CSS framework and used in thousands of projects. Great for your new project or as a replacement if you are already using Bootstrap.

All the Components you Need – Infinite Possibilities

The user interface design of your app is part of its brand. We have added some examples of the capabilities of Strapfork below. But remember, a brand must be unique.

Flat Example
Colorful Example
Classy Example
Soft Example

Currently in Private Beta
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We’re still working to achieve the high standards quality we want to deliver at Strapfork. We are very close to our first release, but just to make sure you don't forget about us, join the waiting list and we'll ping you when it's ready – plus we'll give a free copy to one person in the list.